Online Volunteer Application

Operation Red Nose Online Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in helping get Manitobans home safe and sound this holiday season. Complete the following form to submit your application, or contact us if you have any questions.

Format: **–**–**–******
Primary (Photo) I.D must be one of the following:
Driver’s License
Permanent Resident Card
Aboriginal Status Card
Manitoba Public Insurance Identification Card
Secondary I.D must be one of the following:
Birth Certificate
Social Insurance Card – (SIN confirmation letters effective April 2014)
Provincial Health Card
Citizenship Card
Firearms License
Immigration Papers
National Defense Card
Nexus Card
FAST CARD from Canada Border Services Agency
Signature is required.

I authorize Operation Red Nose (ORN) and any police service with jurisdiction over any or all parts of the province in which I reside to conduct a criminal record check to ensure that I meet the selection criteria set out by ORN that appear on the back of this form. However, only judicial antecedents that ORN deems to be incompatible with the volunteer’s assignment will be taken into account. If my assignment requires the driving of a road vehicle, I authorize ORN and any police force to check the validity of my driver’s licence. I also give my consent to the police force to forward the results of the background checks to ORN. A false declaration will result in the refusal of the application. Furthermore, between the time I submit this form and the time I participate as a volunteer, I will inform ORN of any new charge(s) against me relating to an offence and any conviction(s) in connection with such an offence. In accordance with the relevant legislation, ORN and its representative agree to protect the confidentiality of all information and data about the organization’s clients and volunteers. Any declaration form that has not been signed or that contains unanswered questions will be considered incomplete and returned to sender. I also agree to comply with the volunteer commitment set out on the back of this form, which I have read and understood. I certify that the information provided in this declaration is accurate and complete.

Thank you for your support!